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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC)

My approach to helping is based on my belief that problems and issues are common, and that because they are common, most of the time  we are successful at solving or dealing with them. You may have said to yourself recently, "I need to talk to someone", because a particular personal or relationship problem or issue for you is not responsive to your efforts, and you’re looking for some guidance, insight, understanding, skills, or techniques that you don’t already have or know you have. To seek guidance, insight, understanding, skills, or techniques that you don’t already have is an intelligent response to a problem or issue that isn't responding to your efforts. And whether the issue or problem you are dealing with is clinical or not, I assume that it's more likely that you are stuck --

 – stuck in the gap between the way things are and the way you want them to be. Very few individual and relationship issues and problems require extensive, long-therm therapy. So why not assume you are just stuck? Let's start there. You are my best resource for helping you get unstuck. I listen carefully, and question carefully, to identify and clearly understand the problem or issue you are facing. I need to know what you believe about your problem or issue, and how you have attempted thus far to solve or deal with it. If I am successful, as I most often am, I can help you discover how to remove the obstacles that appear to be in the way of your efforts to solve the problem or deal with the issue you want me to help you with. When my clients get unstuck, they most often tell me they don’t need me anymore—at least for the present. Many do return later – sometimes months, sometimes years later – for a refresher or to deal with something new. It’s like they think of me like they think of having an accountant, or a financial adviser, or a banker. they use me when they need me.

My clients tell me that I am a good listener, that I am caring, that I am insightful, and easy to connect with and talk to. They tell me that they trust me, and feel safe with me. They tell me that I have helped them. Read their testimonials. I hope to have the same experience with you.

As you look at the other pages on this site, you will learn how I think about and approach relationship concerns and issues, how I think about and approach individual concerns and issues, how I think about and approach treating addiction and other unhealthy compulsive behaviors. Read my clients' testimonials, and get a sense of who I am. If it feels right for you, call or email me to make an appointment, or to schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation. It is not likely that I will be able to answer when you call, but I WILL call you back. And I will do so as soon as I am able.

My phone number is 480-220-7050.
My email address is: gordon@aztherapyhelp.com











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